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A Voyage of Discovery


Life is a journey, a voyage of discovery! As pioneers, many of our parents and grandparents embarked on a journey to an unknown country and a new life, arriving in Canada with suitcases full of hopes and dreams. They opened the doors for the next generations and provided opportunities for those that call Canada home.

Our elders are now facing new challenges. This is our time to do something special for them as we share a responsibility to provide them with comfort in their later years.

Magellan Community Foundation is committed to raising funds for the long-awaiting Portuguese-Canadian seniors centre and bring the Magellan Centre to life.

The total construction costs for building the Magellan Centre is projected to be $124.4 million.  It will be funded primarily by federal loans, grants and a mortgage. However, before we can access any of these grants and loans, we need to fundraise $15.2 million from within the community – from you, your neighbours and your friends.

We are a generous community, with a proud tradition of taking care of our elders.  Together, we can build the Magellan Centre together, com carinho, amizade e saudade.

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