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Capital Campaign Cabinet

The Magellan Community Foundation Capital Campaign Cabinet is more than a fundraising power house – members embody the spirit of our “A Voyage of Discovery” campaign. These community leaders are strong volunteer advocates, paving the way for others to get on board and support the development of the Magellan Centre and make it come to life! We couldn’t be more proud of these illustrious leaders from the business and professional communities, who also work as volunteer advocates, in paving the way for community members to get involved with building the Magellan Centre. 

“Magellan Community Foundation has worked steadily to raise funds but there is still more to do,” said Chair of the Cabinet. “Although the walls may not be up, the power of every gift – no matter how large or small – will make a difference. Remember, you don’t have to do it all, just do your part. You have the power to do something great!.”

Magellan Community Charities is honoured to be developing our community’s long awaited Portuguese-Canadian seniors centre. Magellan Community Foundation is committed to ensuring the funds are there to make all this happen. The new home is expected to open its doors to the community in January of 2026

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