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Positive Impacts

The Magellan Centre will have a profound and positive impact on Portuguese Canadian seniors and their loved ones.

For the Seniors

The Centre will offer all residents peace of mind and a sense of security in a familiar and caring atmosphere. Our seniors will be supported by a wide range of services and feel at home in an environment that is culturally appropriate for them. They will also enjoy ample opportunities to participate in community-based activities.

For the Families

Residents’ families can rest assured that their loved ones are being cared for in a home-like environment. They will be able to spend time visiting their loved ones as well as connect with other families. All families will be better informed about the resources that are available to them and be able to more confidently navigate available services.

For the Community

The Centre will be an integral part of the community and all age groups who wish to engage with our elders. Magellan Community Charities will develop strong relationships with health organizations that serve the neighbourhood.

Magellan will not only address the need for more long-term care beds in the Province of Ontario, but it will alleviate pressure on the hospitals system.

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