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The Project to Date

On April 18th, 2018, the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care (“MOLTC”) awarded Magellan Community Care 256 cultural specific long-term care beds as part of an initiative to significantly increase the number of long-term care beds, across the province over the next five years.

In awarding 256 beds, the MOLTC required that the long-term care and services be culturally sensitive, for instance including (1) access to health professionals who speak Portuguese, (2) cultural and spiritual activities in a culturally sensitive environment, (3) social and recreational programs delivered in Portuguese, and (4) meals that include traditional dishes.

Less than a year later, on March 28th, 2019, the City of Toronto awarded Magellan Community Charities a parcel of vacant land at 640 Lansdowne Avenue, to be leased for 99 years at a rent of $1/year. This site is in the heart of the Portuguese-Canadian community where a high demand for long-term care services has long existed.

  • Jan. - Mar. 2021

    Schematic Design.

  • Apr. - Jun. 2021

    Presentation of Reports and Drawings for Zoning Change.

  • Jul. - Sep. 2021

    Review and Comments for Zoning Change

  • Oct. - Dec. 2021

    Community Public Consultation Meeting.

  • Jan. 2022

    Revisions to the Zoning Amendment

  • Feb. - May. 2022

    Zoning Amendment Approval Notice

  • May 23 – Sep. 23

    Work Drawings and Specifications.

  • Jun. 2022

    City Council Approval (ZBA).

  • Nov 22 - Mar 23

    Submission of Site Plan Approval.

  • Aug. 2023

    Commencement of Construction.

  • Sep. 2023


  • Oct. - Dec. 2023

    Approval of the building permit and Construction Tender.

  • Dec. 2025

    Substantial Completion (Occupancy Status).

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