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What is the mandate of the group?

  • Magellan Community Charities is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization.
  • It was created to build and operate a senior long-term care and assisted living facility, offering culturally sensitive care to aging members of Portuguese speaking Canadian communities.

What is the group structure?

    • Magellan Community Charities 
        • Parent of the operating entities.
      • Magellan Community Care
        • Not-for-profit registered charitable organization to operate 256 bed long-term care units.
      • Magellan Community Housing
        • Not-for-profit registered charitable organization to operate 60 assisting living units.
    • Magellan Community Foundation 
        • A not-for-profit registered charitable organization to source and administer donations.

Who is the Board of Directors of Magellan Community Charities?

  • Angie Camara – Corporate Strategic Partnerships
  • Chris Clapperton – Lawyer, Estate Planning 
  • Manuel DaCosta – Businessman and Philanthropist
  • John P. Ferreira – Lawyer, Real Estate 
  • Vitor Fonseca – Finance And Real Estate Professional
  • Jack A. Prazeres – Businessman and Community Advocate
  • Ulysses Pratas – Businessman
    • (Chair – Capital Campaign)


  • Irene S. Faria – Chartered Professional Accountant
    • (Treasurer )
  • Elizabeth Mendes – ChartePublic Policy Professional
    • (Secretary)
  • Charles Sousa – Former Ontario Minister of Finance
    • (Chair)

Who is the Board of Directors of Magellan Community Foundation?

  • This charity will have a separate and independent Board of Directors.
  • Currently the Board of Directors of MCC is serving as its Board.
  • A Capital Campaign Cabinet has been formed to initiate the process.

Are any of the Board of Directors or Officers remunerated, compensated or paid in any way?

  • No one on any of the boards are or will be paid.  
  • The Board and its Officers are strictly volunteers and donors.

Who are the paid executives?

  • Sara Isabel Dias is our Executive Director.   
      • Over 20+ years of senior management experience in the not-for-profit sector and operating charitable campaigns.
  • Richard Ramos is our Development Manager.   
      • Accomplished project management professional and planner with 20+ years of experience in construction management and land development. 

What happens if the project does not get built?

  • Diligently working to get the project built with:
    • First tranche of funding is the $15.2 million to cover soft costs such planning, site permits and consulting fees, etc.
    • The Construction Manager will be providing a 100% performance bond in order to complete the construction of the facilities.

Will the donations be returned to the donors?

  • All donors will receive an official charitable tax receipt.
  • All donations will go toward the first tranche for shovel-in-the-ground readiness. 

Who is in charge of the construction of this project?

  • An extensive RFP was issued and a number of highly reputable and qualified builders were interviewed.
  • Corebuild Construction was successfully awarded the construction management contract.

Who is in charge of running the operations of the facility?

  • Magellan Community Charities narrowed down three proponents after conducting an extensive RFP. The process of selection is currently underway.
  • This third party operator will operate the 256 bed long term care home and the 57 affordable housing apartments.

This is the first Portuguese culturally specific long term care home in Ontario. How far does this extend to seniors outside the GTA as well as other cultural backgrounds who are also in need of subsidized accommodations?

The home is available for seniors in need. Priority is given to Portuguese speaking applicants but it will also accommodate seniors from the CCAC/LHIN waiting list.

The home is a unique combination of long term care and affordable housing. Is this a pilot project? Is the Province/city considering similar projects?

  • The Magellan complex is receiving a lot of community attention and government support because it is a unique way to provide continuum of care in a densely populated area.   
  • The stacking of long term care and affordable housing/assisted living units facilitates the official growth plan which is of interest to all levels of government.

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