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Carpenters’ Union Honored and Proud to Support the Portuguese Communities’

June 16, 2021 – TORONTO, ON – The Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario (“CDCO”), and two of its Toronto based local unions, UBCJA Local 27 and D.A.L.I Local 675, have teamed up to give one million dollars ($1 million) to help with the construction of Magellan Centre in downtown, Toronto. This project, located in the Lansdown and Bloor area of Toronto, is being built by Magellan Community Charities, a charitable organization created in order to build and operate a senior’s long-term care and assistive living facility, offering culturally sensitive care to members of the GTA’s Portuguese-Canadian communities.

In announcing their support for this project, Tony Iannuzzi, the CDCO’s Executive Secretary Treasurer, stated that he, and all of the members of Local 27 and Local 675, were “honored and proud to make a contribution”. Mr. Iannuzzi went on to say – “This is one of the simplest decisions we’ve ever had to make. All you have to do is look around Toronto to see the huge contribution which the Portuguese community has made to our City and so our Union has no hesitation in giving something back to that community in order to say thank you”.

The Carpenters’ Union’s involvement with Magellan Community Charities and this long-term care project has been spear headed from the outset by Julio DaSilva of Local 675 and Horacio Leal of Local 27, both of whom are extremely proud members of Toronto’s Portuguese-Canadian community. In explaining why this has been so important to them, Mr. DaSilva and Mr. Leal said – “For Portuguese people taking care of our seniors is vital. It’s something we do because we love and respect them. We do it to show them how thankful we are for everything they have done for us and because of this, we are so grateful to all of the members of our Union for supporting this project in such a big way”.

When fully completed, the Magellan Centre will include 265 long-term care beds and 60 assisted living units. In addition, it will provide a community hub for the Lansdown and Bloor area providing recreational, educational and culturally focused programs.

The huge efforts being made by the Portuguese communities of Toronto to build and operate this facility are a wonderful example of how our multicultural city can really work and thrive for all of us. Because of this, the Carpenters’ Union has decided to not only support this project itself, but, through the efforts of Tony Iannuzzi and its other representatives, has been trying to get employers and employer associations involved as well. “Everyone knows what the Portuguese community means to our Union and construction in the GTA and so it’s a no-brainer for our whole industry to help them out with this great project”, said Mr. Iannuzzi.

About the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario (CDCO)

The Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario (“CDCO”) is composed of 16 affiliated local unions of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners across the province. These affiliated local unions include both UBCJA Local 27 and Drywall Acoustic Lathing and Insulation Local 675 that represent thousands of skilled construction workers in Toronto and across the GTA.

Media inquiries to:

Julio DaSilva
Phone: 905-652-4140

Horacio Leal
Phone: 905-652-4140

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