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PRESS RELEASE: From Vision to Reality: Magellan Centre’s Groundbreaking Ceremony Initiates Community Transformation

Toronto, Ontario – September , 2023 – Today, Magellan Community Charities is thrilled to announce the groundbreaking ceremony of the highly anticipated Magellan Centre. This momentous event signifies the start of an exciting new chapter, and we cordially invite the community to join us in celebrating this significant milestone.

Scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 16th, 2023, at 12:00 pm, the groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 640 Lansdowne Avenue in Toronto.

The Magellan Centre’s vision and mission is to ensure that our senior citizens live in a comfortable and pleasant home that delivers services in both English and Portuguese, while offering an environment that is culturally and gastronomically attuned to their roots. In the true spirit of our culture, it will also be an inclusive home, welcoming all seniors regardless of ethnicity.

About the Magellan Centre:
The groundbreaking ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion, featuring esteemed guests, engaging speeches, and a symbolic groundbreaking act that marks the official start of this remarkable project. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights into the Magellan Centre’s vision, and learn more about the exciting initiatives that lie ahead. The new centre will be warm and welcoming in concept and design. The second and third floors will accommodate the 57 affordable housing units. Floors 4-7 will be home to the 256 long-term care units. Our seniors will feel supported by the care and services and feel at home, in an environment that will be culturally appropriate for them. The new Centre will have a profound and positive impact on Portuguese-Canadian seniors and on the community as a whole.“We are embarking on a transformative journey with the Magellan Centre, a space designed to foster unity, compassion, and growth within the Portuguese community. This groundbreaking ceremony marks the start of an exciting new chapter, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact this hub will bring to the lives of individuals and families. The Magellan Centre stands as a testament to our commitment to building a brighter future together for our seniors.”— Manuel DaCosta, Board Chair of Magellan Community Charities

For further information or any inquiries regarding the groundbreaking ceremony, please contact Natalie Santos, General Manager at or call (437) 914-9110

Photo Credits: Jorge Neves: @jneves27 Source : CIRV Radio 88.9 FM
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