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We’re driven by the idea that healthy and effective non profit organizations are essential to thriving communities.  Especially in 2020, but year after year, non profits are the glue that holds struggling neighborhoods together, the catalyst for positive change, and the beating heart of Canada’s culture of generosity.

There has never been a more important time to give!  Different people. Different ways to give.

It happens to most of us, sooner or later…that moment when someone you love ages and needs more help than you can provide. During the transition to long-term care, you’re anxious and worried about finding quality support. That is the moment we need you to remember. So when you’re considering where to donate, consider Magellan Community Foundation. Your generous support will help ensure that our community can also have that life-changing moment of relief.

We know there are a lot of very worthwhile organizations that could benefit from your help and we are grateful when you choose to give to Magellan. By donating to Magellan Community Foundation, you’ll be helping to provide best-in-class long–term care and assisted living for your loved ones.

When you’re deciding where to donate remember your own, life-changing moment and consider giving to Magellan, so we can continue to change the lives of others who have yet to experience that moment.

Magellan Community Foundation’s capacity to generate funds from individuals, groups, and corporations directly impacts our ability to build and operate fundraising initiatives support every aspect of our work. Our capacity to generate funds from individuals, groups and corporations directly impacts our ability to support a non-profit organization created to build and operate a senior long-term care and assisted living facility.

There are several ways you can give to Magellan Community Foundation.

Become a monthly donor or donate personally, or behalf of a company.

Pay tribute to loved one with an In Memory donation.

Celebrate an event, or someone who matters, with an In Honour donation.

See how we celebrate your support.

Giving through your company is one for the best way you can support.

Partner with a Magellan Community Foundation to reach your corporate social responsibility goals.

Donate stocks, bonds and mutual funds and take advantage of the tax benefits.

Donations over $10,000 endowment funds and charitable annuities.

Arrange to make a planned gift bequest to continue the fight.

Help Magellan through your donation of products and services.

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